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Last week Congressman Bob Goodlatte (VA) introduced legislation (H.R. 4153) to limit EPA regulatory authority over the Chesapeake Bay restoration process.  This week, the House continues to grapple with transportation reauthorization legislation; the Senate passed their bill last week.


USGS water resources FY13 budget hearing
House Natural Resources Committee — Water & Power Subcommittee
March 20 — 2pm; 1334 Longworth

NOAA FY13 budget hearing
House Appropriations Committee — Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee
March 20 — 2:30pm; H-309 Capitol


Water infrastructure financing hearing
House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee — Water Resources & Environment Subcommittee
March 21 — 10am; 2167 Rayburn

Interior and EPA FY13 appropriations public witness hearing
House Appropriations Committee —  Interior & Environment Subcommittee
March 21 — 1pm; B-308 Rayburn


EPA FY13 budget hearing
Senate Environment & Public Works Committee
March 22 — 10am; 406 Dirksen

National Ocean Policy hearing
House Natural Resources Committee — Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs Subcommittee
March 22 —  9:30am; 1324 Longworth

Interior and EPA FY13 appropriations public witness hearing
House Appropriations Committee —  Interior & Environment Subcommittee
March 21 — 1pm; B-308 Rayburn


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This week, the House continues its examination of the fiscal year 2013 President’s budget request.


US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration FY13 budget hearing
House Natural Resources Committee
March 6 — 9:30am; B-308 Rayburn

US Geological Survey FY13 budget hearing
House Appropriations Committee — Interior & Environment Subcommittee
March 6 — 1pm; B-308 Rayburn

US Environmental Protection Agency, NOAA FY13 budget hearing
House Science, Space & Technology Committee — Energy & Environment Subcommittee
March 6 — 2pm; 2318 Rayburn


NOAA FY13 budget hearing
Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee
March 7 — 2:30pm; 253 Russell

White House Council on Environmental Quality FY 13 budget hearing
House Natural Resources Committee
March 7 — 10am; 1324 Longworth

Agriculture conservation FY13 budget hearing
House Appropriations Committee — Agriculture Subcommittee
March 7 — 10am; 2362-A Rayburn

US Army Corps of Engineers FY13 budget hearing
House Appropriations Committee — Energy and Water Development Subcommittee
March 7 — 2pm; 2362-B Rayburn


Department of Energy FY13 budget hearing
House Energy & Commerce Committee — Energy & Power Subcommittee
March 8 — 10am; 2123 Rayburn


Farm bill field hearing
House Agriculture Committee
March 9 — 9am; Saranac Lake, NY

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The Northeast-Midwest Institute seeks to hire a senior project manager who is highly skilled at collaborative project management in the areas of hydrology, water monitoring systems, and governmental environmental protection policy.   The candidate will lead the Northeast-Midwest Institute’s multi-year project to assess and improve the Northeast-Midwest Region’s “Water Information Supply.”  The project will carefully inventory, assess, and analyze the region’s system of water quality and quantity monitoring to determine its ability to address pressing questions raised by real-world resource-development and use scenarios, present and future, including intense hydraulic fracturing, agricultural development practices, and urban expansion.  NEMWI will communicate project output to NEMW region decision-makers in Washington and the region periodically throughout the project period.  This Northeast-Midwest project is a cooperative effort with the USGS.  The successful candidate shall demonstrate competency in:

  • Fresh water hydrology and quality and quantity issues
  • Current and emerging water quality and quantity monitoring methods and data analysis approaches
  • Project leadership specifically in carrying out collaborative policy-oriented efforts with tangible deliverables
  • Federal, state and non-governmental monitoring programs and their historic interrelationships
  • Familiarity with state, federal agency and Congressional policy-making processes
  • Successful non-profit fundraising experience
  • Team work and constructive problem-solving

The successful candidate will hold at least a Master’s degree in a relevant field (hydrology, aquatic sciences, geographic information systems data modeling, etc.), and have at least 10 years professional experience in the field as well as excellent written and oral communications skills.  The successful candidate will have authentic respect for divergent political and technical perspectives, and have the capacity to bring diverse stakeholders together constructively behind strong facts.

Type: Senior Policy/Science  |  Term:  Full-Time

Topic: Regional Water Quality/Quantity Monitoring Systems, Federal Policy

The Northeast-Midwest Institute is a Washington-based, nonpartisan non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a full benefits package.  Salary for this position will be competitive and commensurate with experience.  NEMWI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications are due by December 15, 2011.  Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to acangelo@nemw.org with the subject line “Water Information Supply.”

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Last Friday, the Senate appropriations committee released its draft FY2012 Interior and Environment legislation — the only remaining bill out of 12 to be addressed.  The draft provides $8.620 billion (a $62 million cut from FY11) for the US Environmental Protection Agency and more than $10.275 billion (a $288 million cut) for the US Department of the Interior.

An accompanying table shows $1.47 billion allocated to the US Fish & Wildlife

Service and $1.063 billion for the US Geological Survey.  Clean Water State Revolving Funds would receive $1.5 billion and Section 106 grants wouldreceive nearly $239 million — both equivalent to FY11.

Chesapeake Bay restoration is allocated $60.4 million — $6 million above FY11.  Long Island Sound would receive less than $4 million.

Further committee action on the bill remains unclear.

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2011 flooding hearing
Senate Environment & Public Works Committee
October 18 — 10am; 406 Dirksen


Water use in eastern US shale gas development hearing
Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee — Water & Power Subcommittee
October 20 — 2:30pm;  366 Dirksen

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–Last week, the White House Office of Management and Budget released its guidance to federal agencies for drafting fiscal year 2013 budgets.  Requests submissions are to cut 5% from FY2011 enacted levels — and include an alternative budget that makes additional reductions of 10%.

–The US Department of Agriculture announced this week that it is awarding $848,424 in grants to the Chesapeake Bay watershed through the Conservation Innovation Grants program.  The money will flow through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and support manure management and water quality improvement in the watershed.  Projects in other mid-Atlantic states will receive funding for additional poultry and nutrient management efforts.

–This week, the US Geological Survey released a report that suggests a significant increase in the estimated amount of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and gas in the Marcellus Shale.

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The US House of Representatives continues to roll out appropriations legislation for fiscal year 2012 while the Senate has made little to no progress on their suite of bills.

On July 12, the full House Appropriations Committee approved the Interior & Environment spending bill, and it is expected on the House floor within the next few days.  The administration has issued a veto threat given significant funding cuts and policy riders included in the legislation.

On July 13, the full House Appropriations Committee approved the Commerce, Justice & Science appropriations legislation.  The bill provides nearly $4.5 billion for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, $685 million for the National Marine Fisheries Service and $74.6 million for Coastal Zone Management.

On July 15, the FY12 Energy & Water Development appropriations bill (H.R. 2354) was passed by the House after several days of debate.

The House Appropriations Committee has tackled nine out of twelve appropriations bills thus far, slightly behind the originally proposed schedule.

Recent anecdotes suggest the Senate is not on track to address the bulk of appropriations (to date, the chamber has only approved the FY12 MilCon-VA bill) before the August recess–and possibly not until late September or early October, setting the stage for a continuing resolution scenario for yet another appropriations cycle.

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